Our History

Shorty's Tooling & Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce over 40 years of excellence in the Automatic Screw Machine industry!

In 1968, when Robert Reitz (Shorty) and Carl Sherman opened Shorty's Tooling & Equipment, Inc. they began a legacy of quality, service, teamwork, and experience. Forty years later Carl Sherman, president and owner of Shorty's Tooling, still insists on nothing less, both from his employees and for his customers and business associates. Shorty's Tooling is proud to have been a part of the Screw Machine Industry during it's 125-year history. Thank you for making this possible!

1968 Robert(Shorty)Reitz and Carl Sherman opened Shorty's with only 1/2 row of shelving, some tables, and the bold enthusiasm to face the challenges that lie ahead.

1970-80's The next two decades saw much growth and change. Shorty's inventory soon grew to fill the original 60x60 building. Staff at Shorty's also began to grow. In 1988, Shorty's Tooling, cramped for space, had a building constructed in the back to store additional inventory and machinery. With in a few years this too was full and almost overflowing.

Early 1990's The early nineties marked a time of advancement in both technology and in Shorty's ability to service its customers. Computers played an increasingly important role in day to day work, from invoicing to tracking UPS shipments. All of these advancements, however, made conditions in both office and shelving areas overcrowded. It was becoming clear to Carl, now owner and President of Shorty's Tooling, and to Dave, vice-President, that a move would be necessary.

January 1, 1996 The big day finally arrived. Shorty's Tooling began the year in their new home, a brand new 20,000 square foot building with room for both shelving and employees, and even some room to grow. Shorty's also introduced their new, extensive line of catalogs for 51 New Britain (NB), 52NB, 60NB, 61NB, 62NB, National Acme, Conomatic, and Davenport machines.

Today growth is one of our earmarks. Our sales staff has over 100 combined years of experience in the industry providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We are always looking for new and better ways to serve our customers. Our most recent developments include a credit card payment option, the introduction of a line of New Holland and Barret Centrifugals, recently obtained status as a Hardinge distributor, and even the creation of a web site to keep our customers up-to-date on machines and tooling available. New and exciting services are already in the works for the future.